Chapters of Life

The Rocky Chapters Of Life

Riding the rails with Joan Bob and Barbara,
Riding in style on the 1st class to Scarborough.
Supping on latte while shooting the breeze,
Being polite as I try not to sneeze.

The sad face of an Angel
Years are passing by.
With a deadbeat man at home,
Free riding the gilded throne.

She yearns for child contentment.
She barely hides resentment.
She wants to wear the golden ring,
She’ll then be his her heart can sing.

But I don’t think he’s interested
I think he’s playing cool.
Biding his time with a push and a shove
Taking the piss from that ole devil called love.

But we shall see,
And I really hope I’m wrong.
Cause I like this girl.
Contentment is her vibe, opposition is strong.

Like the kids doing homework on the platform station.
Fending detention whilst studying frustration.
You got to be strong if you want to survive,
Get your shit together boys it’s a hell of a ride.

The lights dim on the train.
Sends me to a place at the back of my brain.
Flying solo young and free,
When all was to gain from the light that’s inside me.

I don’t want to sit by the talking toilet
The fucker is loud and it never shuts up.
So I plug in my tunes and gawp at the world,
Hazelnut latte observe the absurd.

Just seen a photo that made me real sad,
Flooding back memories of the good and the bad.
Life took too young with a stroke of the brush,
Swede was a legend. And it sometimes too much.

It’s all a matter of perspective.
A tainted view of the world.
Oh I wish I had a river I could skate away on,
A vast open forum to build links from.

Bald man stares blankly from the window
The mousy girl takes off her mits.
Maybe there a Match made in heaven
She’s got a nice set of tits.

The air in the carriage is musty and still
I can see in the distance the penis on the hill

Or is at  a dream.

The train approaches Warrington
Central here I come.
The morning holds a feint demise,
Shaking me down Like a Fiddlers Ferry sunrise.

Love on the rocks aint no big surprise.
Neil sings me tunes, a word from the wise.
The train slows down, time for the strife
Time to embrace the rocky chapters of life.


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