Writers Block

Writer’s Block

I’ve been reading a book about writing, ironic eh, but the main advice the guy gives is just to write.

Simple really eh, he says writer’s block is a load of shit, and that if you ever get stuck for words, just write anything, just put something down, whether it be the shopping list or gobbledygook, the point is to engage the muscle in the brain that associates sitting at the paper, or keyboard, with it being time to write.

I don’ t disagree with him either, I remember reading about some famous country singer, who was shocked when she arrived at her label in Nashville to discover that she had to sit down with the songwriting team at 12 pm everyday, and write till 5.

At first she hated it because it went against her ‘creative vibe’, but she was under contract and had to oblige, but after a few weeks she found that she really became focused around those time periods, and wrote some her very best material, because of the discipline she acquired by anchoring herself to the schedule.

But I can’t remember her name, might of been Shania Twain, but I can’t say for sure.

The guy who wrote the book is called John Carlton, I’ve been reading his blog for a few years now, and he always gives out solid, straight up advice, on ‘biz’ and life in general.

He is well worth checking out. Why not buy his book, its a great read.

The Entrepreneurs Guide To Getting Your Shit Together.

Been listening to Meddle a lot recently.



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