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John Lennon Quotes

John Lennon Quotes as Relevant Today as the Day He Spoke Them

John Lennon should have been celebrating his 75th birthday this year. On 8 December 1980, the legendary musician was shot four times in the back outside of his apartment building in New York City. He was only 40 years old. 7 days after his death, millions of people paused their daily routines to honour Yoko […]

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Musicandgoodshit weekly No.3

The Musicandgoodshit.com Weekly is out. Featured stories this week in include.                 How signed back drop displays from The Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show are being sold at auction for over $550,000 dollars. Which just goes to show the endurance of The Beatles legacy, and how […]

Beatles' historic arrival in New York City 50 years ago gave Big Apple unforgettable lift

Beatles Historic Arrival in New York

I read this article today on the New York Daily News, its a great piece on the initial arrival of The Beatles in New York, and the on-going cultural consequences of the visit. On Feb 7, 1964, events were set in motion that changed the culture so fundamentally, life for millions could be cleanly divided […]

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The Beatles Last Photo Shoot

One of my favourite sites on the internet is Brain pickings, its a great sight, it gives you insights into the ways and thoughts of some of the best creative minds the planet has seen, from musicians to artist to writers. I always find it interesting to read, and quite often rather inspiring. Today I […]