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MusicandGoodshit Weekly 4

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Musicandgoodshit.com Weekly. Featuring Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and Stephen Hawking. Just click on the links below to go read all of the feature stories, plus others. Every Bob Dylan Lyric Ever to Fill 13-Pound Book Shared by Rolling Stone Pink Floyd’s ‘The Endless River’ to Feature Stephen Hawking […]

MSG W Pic 2

Musicandgoodshit weekly No.3

The Musicandgoodshit.com Weekly is out. Featured stories this week in include.                 How signed back drop displays from The Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show are being sold at auction for over $550,000 dollars. Which just goes to show the endurance of The Beatles legacy, and how […]

Pink Floyd – The Dogs Of War

The first CD I ever bought was Delicate sound of Thunder by Pink Floyd, its a live album, can’t remember where it was actually recorded but its a brilliant album. I’ve never really been a fan of live albums, but its Pink Floyd so its going to be great whatever, the stand out track on […]