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Soul Survivor: Nine Of Keith Richards' Maddest Rock 'N' Roll Stories

Soul Survivor: Nine Of Keith Richards’ Maddest Rock ‘N’ Roll Stories

Keith Richards has done it all when it comes down to playing music and partying, his autobiography ‘Life’ is one of the best books you will ever read, some of the tales in there are legendary, and how the fuck Keith is still alive is a miracle in itself. In the days before mobile phones […]

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MusicandGoodshit Weekly 4

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Musicandgoodshit.com Weekly. Featuring Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and Stephen Hawking. Just click on the links below to go read all of the feature stories, plus others. Every Bob Dylan Lyric Ever to Fill 13-Pound Book Shared by Rolling Stone Pink Floyd’s ‘The Endless River’ to Feature Stephen Hawking […]

10 In-Band Feuds

Band Feuds

You can’t beat a good old band feud, there is nothing better than watching two members of the same band knock fuck out of each other on stage. I once seen Noel and Liam Gallagher have a good old ruck on stage in Boston. Which ended with Liam sitting on side of the stage giving […]

Andre 3000 Jimi Hendrix

Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix

I watched this clip of Andre 3000 earlier of him as Jimi Hendrix, and I have to say he has him down pretty good. Have a read through and then click on the link at the bottom to see the full article and video clip. See Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix in Clip From ‘All […]