Stage Pianos 

Digital Stage Pianos

When it comes to playing live piano on stage, the choice of stage piano you make is crucial to helping you sound great.

A digital stage piano is an excellent choice for both the seasoned musician and learner alike. They are distinct from acoustic pianos as they have no strings and hammers so don’t suffer from any tuning issues that can arise from traditional acoustic pianos.

Practice is the foundation of learning any musical instrument, and a portable stage piano is the ideal option for learning.

You have the option to use headphones to play to yourself and concentrate more when practicing. This is a great advantage when learning to play piano.

There are a number of benefits to owning a stage piano for both live and home use.

  • Price wise digital stage pianos are generally cheaper than upright acoustic pianos
  • There is no tuning required for a stage piano
  • There are a wider variety of brands and styles to choose from
  • Stage pianos are compact and portable
  • High quality sound
  • Take advantage of Midi applications
  • Headphones for silent practice

The Midi functionalities of a digital stage piano allow you to experiment with different sounds and textures for your music.

You can connect your stage piano via Midi and allow you to compose and record your music into your computer.

Digital stage pianos combine the tone and quality of an acoustic piano with the portability and affordability of the stage piano.

With the range of styles, brands and affordability to choose from, there has never been a better time to buy a stage piano. offers a wide range of styles and price ranges for you to choose from, to be used both at home or live on stage.

View our selection and choose the digital piano most suited to your playing needs.