Electric Pianos 

Digital Pianos

When it comes to playing piano, Electric pianos strike the balance between a traditional piano sound, and the digital experience.

Especially when it comes to learning to play, a digital piano is the ideal way to start, the convenience of the digital piano means its more portable than the traditional stand up acoustic piano.

The portability of the electric piano means it’s ideal for both practicing at home and playing live on stage.

There are a number of benefits to using a digital piano.

  • Practice with headphones.

The majority of electric pianos allow you to practice with headphones, which benefits both the learner and allows for silent practice for the rest of the household.

Headphones are a great way to practice the digital piano as it allows the player to practice without distraction. Blocking out any noise and allowing for full concentration while you practice.

  • Use a click beat to develop timing and rhythm

One of the most important elements to learn when practicing piano is to develop a keen sense of timing and rhythm. Electric pianos help you to do this by allowing and accompanying beat to practice with.

Metronomes are very important to a piano player, and most digital pianos have one built in. This allows you to change the tempo to practice different time signatures and rhythms.

This is essential for both learners and seasoned piano players.

Why choose a digital piano

  • A digital piano does not use hammers or strings so requires much less maintenance than an acoustic piano.
  • Record and listen to the playback of your piano practice to enhance your playing.
  • In built metronome to aid timing.

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View our selection and choose the digital piano most suited to your playing needs.