Acoustic Pianos 

Upright Pianos

There is nothing quite like the feel and sound of an acoustic piano, while electric pianos can make a great substitute if you are limited for space or need something more portable.

The true sound of and acoustic piano has the unmistakable timbre and resonance that can’t be imitated.

When it comes to the feel of the weighted keys of and acoustic piano, you can never really replicate that feel with a digital piano. That authentic feel goes a long way to inspiring a learner to practice longer.

The acoustic piano provides an authentic piano playing experience, regardless of how experienced you are as a piano player.

The depth of volume and feel you get from an upright acoustic piano simply can’t be imitated.

The vibrations of the acoustic piano can be felt through the whole body as you play, making for a more visceral experience while playing.

This allows the player to be more expressive, as the acoustic piano responds to the subtlety in which the different pressures on the keys when played.

Acoustic pianos have stood the test of time, and make a great addition to the home, you will never beat the feel and tone of a good acoustic piano.

From the top of the range grand pianos, to the upright piano more commonly found in households, the authenticity that comes from an acoustic piano can’t be matched. provides you with an extensive range of acoustic pianos to choose from, just click on the links above to see the full range available to purchase today.