Piano & Keyboards

We have a wide range of pianos for sale from some of the most respected names in the industry like Yamaha, Roland, Casio and Nord.

From acoustic pianos, grand pianos,electric pianos and stage pianos, we aim to provide the best piano for every performer.

We also have a great selection of cheap pianos, perfect for practising, or for beginners on a lower budget.

Browse our collections or read more about our pianos below.

Grand Pianos

Acoustic grand pianos are probably the most desired pianos, thanks to their incredible string design, stunning structure, elegant lifting lid and bright, resonant tone.

Brands like Yamaha and Casio are renowned for developing incredible grand pianos that are known for bringing quality and value. For this reason, it is likely these pianos appear centre-stage in concert halls and in professional studios across the world.

We offer various grand models in different  lengths and colours to suit the need of any professional or accomplished pianist, for use in the studio, stage and the home.

Electric Pianos

Electric pianos or digital pianos are inspired by the traditional upright piano design, but more suitable for the modern household.

They can be a great cheap piano option as they are lighter than a conventional acoustic piano, and deliver an array of sounds similar to that of different piano models.

They are the best piano choice for most homes, with a realistic sound and feel.

Stage Pianos

As the name suggests, stage pianos were designed for live usage. Their main focus is on delivering a striking live sound, so they may not look not as stylish as some home pianos.

However, stage pianos tend to have many more advanced features, making them ideal for professional use in the studio or in a live performance. You don’t need to be a stage performer to enjoy a stage piano – they are beautiful to play and listen to in the home as well, as many owners will attest.

Acoustic Pianos

An acoustic piano is certainly an investment that can provide enjoyment to your family for generations to come. Thanks to the exquisite structure of acoustic cabinets, acoustic pianos produce a full, rich sound when played and are perfect for more expressive and dramatic pieces.

Many people believe that the quality and depth of sound from an acoustic piano can never be replicated by an electric model. Although digital pianos do provide more features, the acoustic piano is a classic and elegant instrument that will remain timeless for years to come.

Kids Pianos

We supply a range of attractive pianos specially designed and structured for younger players.

Our kids pianos are fun, affordable and durable instruments, perfect for getting your child excited about taking up the piano. With their smaller, lightweight body and proportionate stool, they are perfectly sized for children and only take up a little space inside the home.

Piano Sets

Our piano sets are pianos that come with additional accessories to enhance your playing experience. These include keyboard amps, headphones, stands, benches, expression pedals, and spare parts.

These sets are ideal for the gigging pianist and keyboardist.

All of these top quality pianos are available today at Musicandgoodshit.com