The Consequence of Nothing

What if you don’t act at all, then it will just stay the same.

And who wants more of the same, but it’s safe to be normal, you know risk free.

But what the fuck is normal, define normal I dare you. Is getting up and going to work at the same place every day for 30 years normal. Fuck that.

It will grind you down and drown you in fear, ‘but what if I leave and  I don’t like it’, well so fucking what, at least you made the move, the jolt from paralysis into daring, the leap from mundane into the fear zone.

The funny thing about fear is it makes you feel alive, feel that fucking adrenaline coursing through your veins, because you don’t know where the next pay packet is coming from, or you don’t know where you’re going to live because you made that big decision and said ‘FUCK IT’. I’ve had enough of this shit; it’s time to move on.

If you can find the courage to make such a decision then you are brave indeed, if you can come to the decision where being normal is no longer an option, then you are brave indeed.

Especially if you stare into the unknown and take that leap of faith, the decision to change your own circumstances, to venture out on your own, without the safety net, without the comfort of normality.

The greatest two words on the planet ‘FUCK IT’ if you can grasp the meaning and understand the power and freedom those two words give you, then you are one step ahead of the herd, you have the power to change anything you want about yourself.

You have the freedom to do anything you fucking like, so ‘Fuck it’.

Or the consequence of nothing is wonder, I wonder what would have happened if I had have taken that new job offer, I wonder what my life would be like now if I had bought that plane ticket, I wonder what would have happened if I had just said yes when I had the chance.

Do you really want a life of wondering what the fuck could have been, or do you want a life of wonder, one where you choose the steps, your book is yours to write, the song is yours to sing.

But do you have the courage, or are you going to settle for normal. Or whatever the fuck normal is.

So ‘Fuck it’ or you will end up with the consequence of nothing.

And who the fuck wants that.

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