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Some People Need to Smile More.

Yes I know its shit, its fucking Monday innit, but at at least its a Monday in June and not Bastard January, thank heavens for small mercies eh.

Some people really need to smile more, I know sometimes life is really shit, but thats the point, you can’t let it get the better of you, and I know thats sometimes hard, but you have to try or whats the point of it all. When you go to bed at night, as one of the last thoughts in your head, ask yourself, what have I done today to make ME happy, and I don’t mean what did I find funny today, I mean what did you do today as a conscious thought of, fuck this same shit every day,  I’m going to do XXXXXX, because I work my arse off and I deserve it.

It could be something simple as a chocolate bar to break up the day, or go swimming after work, practice the guitar thats been gathering dust in the corner, bake a cake, whatever, the point is if you’re not doing something for you, then your a machine, a cog in the wheel. A Drone.







Horrible ain’t it, but its true, if all you do is work, drive home thinking about work, eat your tea thinking about work, not sleeping thinking about work, then works got you.

Its wiped the smile off your face. And thats sad.

And whatever the fuck you do, don’t watch Eastender’s or any soap opera for that matter, I’ve always been of the disposition, there’s enough drama in my normal 24hr routine to be sitting down spending the bulk of the free time I have watching a bunch of soap characters being miserable, in crisis, murdering, raping, stealing babies, or some other heavy shit that makes up the majority of soap stories.

I know people love their soaps, my point is if you’re already having a shit day, don’t compound it by watching Phil Mitchell and Ian Beale having a scrap over whoever’s missus the other one was shagging, I swear blind I have turned Eastender’s on 3 times in 10 years, and each time Ian and Phil were having murder. They need to grow up the pair of them.

So smile more, make a conscious effort to, even when its shit force one, especially on a Monday, cause thats when the power of the smile works best, and don’t listen to talk sport or 5 live, put some decent tunes on and get your groove going, working to a rythmn is much better than marching to the beat of the drum, if you know what I mean.

Listen to 6 music, cause its a good station.

And have  a smile, cause you deserve it.















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