Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix In His Own Words

Just read this interesting article on some new Jimi Hendrix interviews that have been unearthed.

In the interviews he gives some good advice for aspiring guitar players.

“You hear different bands playing around you, and the guitar player always seems like he’s so much better than you are. Most people give up at this point, but it’s best not to. Just keep on, just keep on. Sometimes you are going to be so frustrated you’ll hate the guitar, but all of this is just a part of learning. If you stick with it you’re going to be rewarded. If you’re very stubborn you can make it.”

And he speaks about his love of classical music and how it was to influence his future musical direction.

“I dig Strauss and Wagner, those cats are good, and I think they are going to form the background of my music. Floating in the sky above it will be the blues – I’ve still got plenty of blues – and then there will be western sky music and sweet opium music (you’ll have to bring your own opium!), and these will be mixed together to form one. And with this music we will paint pictures of earth and space, so that the listener can be taken somewhere. You have to give people something to dream on.”

Its an interesting read.

You can find it here.



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