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Fuck That Idiot, Is Liam Gallagher Going Off His Cake

I don’t know about you, and I don’t know if you’re even arsed, but it seems to me like Liam Gallagher could be going off his head a bit, never really been a big Oasis fan, but you can’t not enjoy following the antics of the Gallagher brothers, because if nothing else they do bring a lot of colour to the British music industry.

How boring would the 90’s music scene have been without them, a load of us went to see them years ago at the height of their “Whats the Story Morning Glory” period, I was really excited to see them live, the album is really good, we were all caught up in the buzz,especially after seeing them on the telly a few days previous playing Champagne Supernova at the MTV Awards Show. Liam finished the set by spitting on the stage, chinning the mike, flicking the V’s as he walked off.

I thought it was class.


So about 25 of us rocked up to the arena three nights later, the town was a bit of a shit hole to be honest, but it turned out we were staying in the same hotel as the band, you can imagine it then, 25 pissed amongst other things English and Irish fellas running round the hotel corridors, knocking on the doors hoping to get to see the band. None of us did, but we had a grin that night.

Halfway through the concert they decided to knock fuck out of each other on the stage, then Liam stormed off and sat having a ciggy at the side of the stage, while Noel called him all the cunts in the world to the crowd, who were lapping it up, it was a great night.

But just recently poor arl Liam seems to be losing it a bit, throw a love child in the mix and you must get a whole lot of “Fuck Me, What the Fuck am I Doing” going on. I bet his heads battered, but he seems to go about remedying the situation by smashing his assistant, and fucking his wife off.

Recently he seems to have had a fall out with the guy who plays Luther, I read a headline in the NME today that said, Idris Elba on Liam Gallagher clash: ‘Fuck that idiot’

Idris apparently rubbed his hair the wrong way which Liam took offence to, not being funny but LG has had some dodgy fucking haircuts, but obviously takes great pride in his hair.

Idris was slagging him and saying his new band aint all that. I really like a couple of the Beady Eye tracks, especially Four Letter Word, great song, and I reckon his voice sounds really good on it. That could be a media war of words waiting to happen in the near future.


But if I was going to pick a standout tune it would be Slide Away. Personally I don’t think Liam Gallagher’s vocals were recorded better than on that track. Like I say I’m not a massive Oasis fan, they are a great radio band, who doesn’t love a good singalong to an Oasis tune when they come on the radio, I really love ‘Talk Tonight’, which I would say is a Noel Gallagher tour de force. But I wouldn’t be arsed to put an album on.


Maybe if they come on Spotify.

Anyway I hope he gets his head together now he’s got another kid on the way, and probably an expensive divorce on the horizon. I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s taking their kid for a make up drink.

But then again maybe not.


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