Why Does Nita Strauss think It’s Not Enough to Just Be a Great Guitarist to Land a Gig

Nita Strauss is an excellent electric guitar player, she initially made her name in an Iron Maiden tribute band called ‘The Iron Maidens” before moving on to a number of different LA bands, and then eventually landing the job of lead guitarist for Alice Cooper.

So when it comes to moving through the music scene, and having what it takes to get ahead and forge a successful career then she has done it all.

Its always wise to listen to the advice of those who have been successful in your chosen musical instrument, and if that’s to excel playing the acoustic guitar, bass guitar or drums

Then its good advice to study those who have gone before you, as Nita says below.

“You have to set yourself apart in more than just your musicianship.”

Alice Cooper’s guitarist Nita Strauss talked about what it’s like to pursue a musical career these days, telling Dean Delray (transcribed by UG):

“A lot of musicians don’t think about translating that work ethic into building a brand, or into putting a right lineup of band members together, or into hitting the gym, or your diet, or whatever it is.

“It’s really more and more in the music industry – because there’s so many great players, so many amazing virtuoso musicians – that you have to kinda be this ‘full package.’

“You have to set yourself apart in more than just your musicianship.

“No matter how much everyone wants to say, ‘It should only be about your guitar playing and nothing else should matter’ – unfortunately, now that every single 9-year-old on YouTube can play Malmsteen songs more perfect than I can, it’s gotta be a whole package.

Nita also noted:

“I try to go [to the gym] every day. It’s tough. I usually make it there 5 days a week.

“The big thing for me was quitting drinking. And once I did that ‘all or nothing,’ I had a lot of friends going, ‘You could have just beer and not drink liquor, you could just have wine and just drink on football Sundays.’

“But I was like, ‘No, I just gotta get rid of everything or nothing.’ That was a big change for me, and I dropped away from it.”

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