The War On Drugs On String Theory

The War on Drugs are one of my favourite bands, been listening to them for a couple of years now, and the guitar work on the albums is really impressive.

The songs are multi-dimensional with so many layers and textures, along with the lyrics, they great albums to listen to, so I enjoyed listening to this interview with Adam Granduciel from the Ernie Ball presents series, first shown in Mixmag.

I hope you enjoy.

Granduciel details his love of the guitar in the episode, while also offering insight into the band’s studio processes and his own experiences with Ernie Ball strings. As always with String Theory, the interview is combined with exclusive performance snippets from Granduciel.

Read on for a few highlights from the episode and to watch the full video in full.

Thoughts on the guitar

“Any time you pick up a guitar – electric guitar, acoustic guitar – you just get to kind of channel all that love for all the different bands and artists that inspire you.”

Introduction to Ernie Ball Strings

“I don’t even know if I knew how to put them on. That’s just part of the whole learning process –getting your guitar and learning how it works.”

Being in the studio

Being in the studio with other people has become, for me, like the most exciting thing. I love being in there by myself too and writing by myself in the studio and having the time to just experiment, but I feel like once I have those blueprints of a song, getting in there with my friends is great.

“You just can’t even try to control where a song will go, you know. You can control, like, maybe the vibe or wanting people to play it as if it’s the first time and not overthink the parts. Usually you just put the right people together and it can go anywhere. That’s like the most exciting part.”

On creativity

“I want to make sure that every time we get to experience that power and that feeling… that it’s new or feels explosive, and important. It’s trying to channel all of the stuff you’ve loved, been influenced by, and trying to find something new.”


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