The Four Best Acoustic Guitars for Fingerpicking

We all know just how popular guitars are in today’s world, and how much so over the last couple of decades. They have been used in every genre imaginable and have captivated the hearts of millions of people around the world. There’s just something about guitars that makes them special, especially to an instrumentalist.

Of course, just because guitars are popular, that doesn’t mean that they’re easy to play. Every style, genre and related tone that guitars can produce require a unique set of skills. Diving deeper, your chosen style of play may also require some accessories, different tuning setups, different EQ settings and, in some cases, a completely different guitar.

Whether you’re purchasing a guitar for the first time, or simply upgrading or adding a new guitar to your selection, it’s important to make sure that you know what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create the sounds you want, and you’d have wasted your money.

Today, we’re going to zero in on what kind of acoustic guitar you want when you’re creating and performing your music using a fingerpicking technique. This is simply where you play your guitar with your hands, without a pick, simply picking the strings with your fingers.

However, as we mentioned above, you’re going to want the best guitar for the job if this is the technique you want to practice. We’ve searched far and wide at what guitars are available and suitable, and then managed to narrow them down to our favorite four.

We’ve taken everything into account, including the price and the features of each guitar, helping you to find the best one for you easily!

Fender CD-60SCE Mahogany Acoustic-Electric Guitar

To start off with, we’ve chosen this classic-styled Fender guitar which is easily one of the most popular and most affordable fingerpicking guitars out there. What really sets this guitar apart from the rest is the fact that it’s made completely from high-quality mahogany wood materials.

This is only complimented by the beautiful dreadnought design of the body, that comes together to create an attractive guitar that’s lightweight and perfect for playing at home, in the studio or in front of a studio audience. Inside this guitar, you’ll find an ‘X’ shaped bracing, which only adds to the high level of durability that this guitar holds.

Particularly, the fingerboard of this guitar is ideal for fingerpicking. This is because the fingerboard itself is made using rolled edges, helping you find exactly where your fingers need to go easily, making this an ideal guitar for beginners or intermediate players.

What makes this guitar even better is the fact that it’s an acoustic and an electric guitar. This is all thanks to the Fishman low-profile pickup and included preamp. This means you can simply plug a standard guitar cable into the body and you’ll be ready to play through a studio setup or amplifier.

All in all, this is one of the most complete guitars available today, and for one of the most affordable prices, you simply can’t go wrong if you’re looking for the ideal fingerpicking guitar.


  • Easy-to-play design thanks to the rolled-edge fingerboard
  • Acoustic/electric guitar with built-in pickups and preamp
  • ‘X’ bracing for added durability and stability
  • The highly competitive price tag


  • May feel limited to professional/experienced players
  • Does not come with a carry case

Martin X Series 2015 GPX1AE Grand Performance Acoustic-Electric Guitar

If you’re a more experienced guitarist, or you’re looking for a professional guitar that can see you through from a beginner to an experienced guitarist, Martin’s X Series has the ideal guitar you may have been looking for.

Martin is adored by musicians all over the world, and this guitar is no exception. This 14-fret guitar is topped with Sitka wood, complete with laminated mahogany back and sides, ensuring this is one of the highest quality guitars available. To match, you’ll also find an A-frame with ‘X’ bracing for even more durability.

In addition to looking good, this guitar plays equally as well. This is all thanks to the easy to play fingerboard produced using Richlite Neck wood, while the body remains lightweight, regardless of whether you’re sitting down, standing or using a strap.

As the title suggests, this Martin acoustic guitar also has electric guitar functionality. Of course, you’ll have everything you need to get started built into your guitar, including the preamp and the pickups, as well as several EQ settings so you can customize the sound you’re trying to produce.

However, what we really love about this guitar is the fact that it comes with a built-in USB port. This means you can plug your guitar into any USB port, such as a speaker or a computer, making it effortless to record your sounds, or for adding effects and other computer-based activities.

All aspects of this guitar have evidently been made with quality in mind. This includes the chrome locking tuners, the modern belly bridge, the two-wiring rosette, the colored pickguard, and many other features that you’re sure to fall in love with the moment you hold this guitar in your hands for the first time.


  • Built-in USB port for easy recording and connection to computer software
  • Acoustic/electric design for complete guitar functionality
  • The lightweight build of Sitka and mahogany
  • ‘X’ braced for added durability


  • None!

Yamaha L-Series LL6 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

All aspects of this Yamaha acoustic guitar have evidently been made with quality in mind. This includes the chrome locking tuners, the modern belly bridge, the two-wiring rosette, the colored pickguard, and many other features that you’re sure to fall in love with the moment you hold this guitar in your hands for the first time.

In the case that you’re a guitarist of any skill level looking for a mid-range guitar that isn’t too expensive and meets most budget requirements but maintains a high-performance rating that you’d expect from a premium guitar, this is the one for you.

Yamaha is a highly popular manufacturer with decades worth of experience behind them, the experience which is evident in this model. Made from a solid spruce top with rosewood back and sides, this is a long-lasting guitar that remains lightweight but produces a beautiful sound.

This quality sound is only complimented by the fact that the wood of this guitar has been treated with A.R.E. This stands for Acoustic Resonance Enhancement, an original technology that’s exclusive to Yamaha guitars, and only helps to improve the quality of your music.

Furthermore, as an acoustic/electric guitar, you’ll be able to enjoy the amplification power of the passive SRT Zero Impact Pickup, including the full controls you have over your EQ using the settings and dials built into your guitar.

This rosewood, dreadnought-style guitar is comfortable to hold and use and comes with all the features and functions you’ll need to enjoy one of the best guitar experiences, especially when it comes to fingerpicking.


  • Integrated A.R.E Yamaha exclusive technology
  • Acoustic-electric build for the best of both worlds
  • Built-in passive SRT Zero Impact pickup for optimal sound quality and response
  • An affordable rosewood solution


  • No included soft case with your purchase (does come with a hard case)
  • None!

Epiphone DR-500MCE Acoustic-Electric Dreadnought Guitar

To conclude our list of best fingerpicking guitars, we know that this wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Epiphone, a true icon in the instrumental world of

today. While all their instruments scream quality and the goal for perfection, today we’re going to focus on their DR-500MCE release.

This particular model has a top made from premium quality Sitka spruce with solid mahogany back and sides. This means the guitar is lightweight, comfortable to hold as well as being highly durable, and built to last. You can be sure this is a guitar that will continue to perform for many years to come.

The neck of the guitar is made from more solid mahogany, which has been shaped into the SlimTaper D profile, meaning it’s easy to find the frets when you’re trying to play your chords and tones.

As with all the guitars on this list, this model is an acoustic/electric hybrid, meaning you can enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to the beautiful acoustic sounds or amplified electric. When amplifying, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come from an eSonic2 preamp system, guaranteeing both quality and clarity.

Built into the guitar, you’ll also find an integrated tuner, which you can effortlessly hold down to release the neck without making a sound. This is great for when you’re on stage, or simply looking to pack up your guitar to take it with you.

There is a huge range of tone controls and EQ settings you can play, include NanoFlex control and Stereo Blend, as well as battery level indicators and a Phase switch to help you cut out any unwanted feedback.

All in all, it’s easy to see that this is one of the most complete and highly functional guitars on the market today. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced guitarist, this guitar will have something for you.


  • A ton of EQ and tone control settings to play with, plus a built-in tuner
  • Easy to play 20-fret design
  • Acoustic/electric build for universal play styles
  • Solid Sitka spruce and mahogany build


  • Does not come with a soft or hard case
  • None!


When it comes to choosing a guitar for you that’s ideal for fingerpicking; there are so many options out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, compare what you’re looking for with any of the four guitars above, and you can be sure that you’ll make the right decision the first time around.


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