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Guitar Effects Pedals

Guitar pedals and effects pedals can be major part of defining a guitarist’s sound! As well as adding different shapes to your tone, they can also be used to create new, unique and distinct sounds.

We have a wide range of guitar pedals for sale from leading brands like TC Electronic, Boss, Ditto, Vox, TC Helicon,  Zoom and Electro Harmonix, among many others. Our range covers every type of guitar pedal the modern guitarist might need, from loopers, bass and volume pedals to chorus pedals, distortion, synth and modulation pedals.

Our selection also includes a good variety of cheap guitar pedals so that whatever your budget, you can find the best guitar pedals for you.

Why use guitar effects pedals?

Guitar pedals can also be known as guitar stomp boxes, and are popular due to their ease of use in live situations (simply by the guitarist’s foot). This leaves the artist’s hands free to simply concentrate on playing the notes (unless, of course, you’re The Edge!).

After the amplifier, guitar effects are probably the biggest part of a defining a performing guitarist’s own unique sound. No two guitarists ever have quite the same set-up, or use the exact same settings. Therefore, even though there will be thousands of other pedals like yours, your sound will always be unmatched.

Finding your own special combination of pedals, guitar amp and electric guitar can be challenging, but it can also be great fun. Once you have the magic combo, the chances are you won’t use anything else.

Effects pedals were first used in sixties pop music, with bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix using fuzz and wah wah pedals. However, nowadays the most popular effects tend to be distortion, overdrive, delay and reverb, and modulation effects such as tremolo, chorus, phaser, and flange.

What are the best guitar pedals?

Brands such as MXR, Boss and Electro-Harmonix have been popular for decades, but new boutique effects brands such as Strymonand Wampler are also becoming increasingly popular.

Looper pedals have also come into huge demand, especially since modern pop artists like Ed Sheeran started incorporating them into their set-up. Users of analogue synths are also known to plug their synthesizers into effect pedals originally made for guitars.

Multi-effect units come with a whole range of effects such as distortion, delay, chorus etc. These can be great if you’re just starting out and want to see what sounds are right for you.

Pedals Accessories

Like any other piece of kit, guitar pedals require accessories that will help them work well.

As well as a battery and extra lead (which every pedal-owner needs), some guitarists may also require a multi-power supply for using several pedals at once, as well as a pedal board for transporting them all and patch leads to connect their pedals together.

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