18 Pretty Strange Musicians' Tattoos

Strange Musicians’ Tattoos

I’ve never really been into tattoos, I have toyed with the idea of getting one done on a number of occasions, but probably got put off the idea for good when my mate got so drunk, he got a tattoo of a pink mouse smoking a spliff, it seemed like a good idea at the time I suppose.

I don’t think personally I could sit still for that long, too fidgety for my own good.  And if I hated it after it had been done then, my head would be wrecked.

So I never went through with it.

But that doesn’t stop plenty of other people looking for that cool as fuck tattoo to be flaunting in the summer, musicians have always had a particular fascination with tattoos and piercings for that matter.


Please see below for a collection of happily tattooed muso’s showing off their artistic skin designs, courtesy of the NME magazine.

Getty Courtney Barnett plays NME Awards Show.

18 Pretty Strange Musicians\' Tattoos









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