10 In-Band Feuds

Band Feuds

You can’t beat a good old band feud, there is nothing better than watching two members of the same band knock fuck out of each other on stage. I once seen Noel and Liam Gallagher have a good old ruck on stage in Boston.

Which ended with Liam sitting on side of the stage giving it the V’ and refusing to come back on, he did eventually, and it was fun to watch.


In an old band I was in, we used to nearly kill each other every rehearsal, then laugh about it in the pub after, we were really passionate about our music so it was all good, we would argue about the smallest things, but mainly timing, especially if we were a bit worse for wear during rehearsals. We practiced above a bar, so we used to knock back a few drinks before we would even pick up the guitars.

If the guitarist smoked too much he would take a whitey, and be all over the place with his timing during a song, one time we had murder because he hadn’t put oil on his Wah Wah pedal and it kept squeaking during practice. He was a stubborn fucker and would not put oil on the pedal for love nor money, pretending he couldn’t hear it just to do our heads in.

There’s been loads of famous band feuds through the years, the likes of The Kinks, The Beatles and The Black Crowes to say the least.

Apparently the Davies brothers are close to a reunion, but who knows eh.


The link below takes you to a good article covering the very topic of band feuds, and the remaining fallout.


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