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The Consequence of Nothing

What if you don’t act at all, then it will just stay the same. And who wants more of the same, but it’s safe to be normal, you know risk free. But what the fuck is normal, define normal I dare you. Is getting up and going to work at the same place every day […]

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Oh What To Write About

Oh what to write about? I’ve set myself a target of writing a new post every Thursday, or at least starting a new post every Thursday,  because as I’ve read many times from various  writers, most notably Drayton Bird, when you think you have finished the copy, even if you think its really amazing, put […]


Show Me The Money

Its been in the news quite a bit lately regarding how viable a channel Spotify is for making money for musicians. I don’t think there has ever been more access to music in all forms, and in all genres. If  its the multitude of video channels available via satellite and cable,  or the easy access […]

A Capo

Would You Rather Be A Capo Or A Peg?

Myself and my son often have these deep philosophical conversations about the important things in life, such as who is the hardest superhero Superman or Spiderman. Or who would win in a fight a Fart or a Burp. I personally lean towards Superman and Farts as the victors on them two arguments. It goes without […]

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The Lefsetz Letter

I have been reading this fellas emails for while now, the guys name is Bob Lefsetz and he writes The Lefsetzer Letter. He writes about the music industry mostly, he’s a very informed guy, and he is always trying to help anyone starting in the industry, he gives constructive, and to the bone advice. I really […]


Death Of An Old Friend.

I’m a bit gutted tonight, actually i’m very fucking gutted. I found out an old army mate of mine died today of a heart attack, at the very young age of 47. He was a legend, that word gets thrown around like its going out of fashion these days, but this fella was from another […]