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Why Does Nita Strauss think It’s Not Enough to Just Be a Great Guitarist to Land a Gig

Nita Strauss is an excellent electric guitar player, she initially made her name in an Iron Maiden tribute band called ‘The Iron Maidens” before moving on to a number of different LA bands, and then eventually landing the job of lead guitarist for Alice Cooper. So when it comes to moving through the music scene, […]


Rare Footage of Stevie Ray Vaughan Found

As a massive SRV fan, it was great to come across this article. The article covers when Stevie played what was coined the “Biggest Party in History”. Not sure if thats true like but there is some great footage of Stevie playing his favourite Fender Stratocaster. In the style which is all of his own. […]


Huge Blaze Stops Spanish Music Festival

More than 22,000 people had to be evacuated from a music festival in Spain after a huge fire engulfed part of the main stage. Pictures posted on social media showed the left-hand side of the stage at the Tomorrowland Unite festival near Barcelona going up in flames. No injuries have been reported. Organisers said on […]