Guitar Amps


Guitar Amps

If you own an electric guitar, you’ll need a good guitar amp! Guitar amplifiers are a key part of any guitarist’s rig, with many believing it can be even more important than the guitar itself in creating your unique sound!

We have a wide range of guitar amps for sale to suit all guitarist styles, from combo amps and amp heads to valve amps and guitar cabs.

Guitar combo amps are good for those who want an all in one solution, enabling the user to simply ‘plug in and play’. They come with tonal controls and some effects, and the sound can be changed further by adding pedals in the chain.

Meanwhile, bigger, often more intricate sounds can be produced with the use of a guitar amp head and speaker cabinet.

We also sell a good selection of practice amps and headphone amps, which are great for beginners and/or those looking for something compact and quiet for the home.

We work only with major amp providers like Marshall, Fender, Orange, Peavey, Blackstar and others to ensure a quality playing experience that will last you for years to come.

How to choose your perfect guitar amp

Despite what some musicians would have you believe, size isn’t everything in the world of guitar amps!

Amps should be chosen for the sound and tones they help you produce, or for their practical benefits. For example, If you’re just looking to play at home, to record or even to busk, a small guitar combo or mini amp will often do the job.

For recording, 5W valve or tube amps are a great choice, and there are even new amps on the market that can double as mp3 speakers and can be controlled via bluetooth.

This is a great choice for more casual players who want to use the amp for fun and want to save on space.

Rock guitarists or musicians that gig frequently will be better off with a loud combo or, even better, a stack comprising of a guitar head and speaker cabinet. This is a set-up used by many of the great guitarists of rock, like Hendrix, Clapton and Jimmy Page.

Solid-State vs. Valve Amps

The most common kind of amplifiers are probably valve amps (also known as tube amps). These are widely regarded as ‘the best’ and remain the most popular amongst professional musicians. They provide more natural distortion, pleasant harmonics and a ‘warmer’ sound than solid-state amps.

The most iconic valve or tube amps you will come across include the Vox AC30, Fender Twin Reverb, Marshall JTM45 and the Bluesbreaker.

Solid state amps, meanwhile, have seen vast improvements thanks to new developments in music tech. Some of the best models can sound very close to the tone of a tube amp, but are often lighter and cheaper.

For this reason, solid state amps can be a great choice for beginners.

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