Acoustic Bass Guitars


The Acoustic Bass

If a warm and rich low end is what you’re looking for, our acoustic bass guitars will get you there.

We sell a range of beautiful acoustic basses from some of the industry’s biggest names, to promise a warm, vibrant playing experience.

An acoustic bass combines deep bass frequencies with the softer, warmer tone of a standard acoustic guitar. Not only can it be used to add a more resonant, natural layer to acoustic performances; some versions can also be amplified to create an even more powerful tone.

Our collection of acoustic bass guitars includes fretless acoustic basses, for the more experienced or expressive player. We also provide a number of cheap acoustic basses which are great for the beginner or a gigging musician who likes to have a spare instrument on the road.

The benefits of an acoustic bass guitar

The capabilities of this beautiful instrument was perhaps best summed up by Nirvana’s legendary MTV Unplugged concert, in which bassist Krist Novoselic was seen plucking away on an acoustic bass.

Acoustic bass guitars feature a hollow body and a sound hole, which helps produce a natural, resonant sound. It is common to find electric pickups and preamps installed into acoustic basses, which can help to amplify its low acoustic output. These types are best known as electro-acoustic basses.

Acoustic bass guitars are generally ideal for playing blues, country or rock music in unplugged situations. However, they’re also amazing for enhancing any piece of music, such as bluegrass, folk, or Americana.

Choosing your acoustic bass

When choosing your bass guitar, think about the kind of music you want to create. A good rule is to remember that the bigger the instrument, the bigger the sound.

Backs and sides are made with various hardwoods, providing that characteristic resonance, low-end heft, and volume. The top of your bass, meanwhile, can be made out of spruce, mahogany, laminated mahogany, or Bubinga. Necks are often made from mahogany, maple, or Sapele, and fingerboards of rosewood or ebony.

Each bass player also has his or her choice of unique finishes, from urethane to nitro — in high-gloss, satin, or matte finish.

Our acoustic basses also feature a variety of nut widths, scale lengths and frets, to suit different players’ arm lengths and hand sizes.

We also offer smaller, travel-ready options, such as the U-Bass, which are great for taking on vacation or for touring musicians on the road.

Acoustic basses with solid tops offer enhanced projection with an amazing tonal balance. Meanwhile, a top neck profile will provide you with speed and comfort during heavy practice sessions and long performances.

Whether you’re just learning bass for the first time, or are looking to add an acoustic bass to your collection, you’re sure to find something you like in our choice of acoustic basses.

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