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Welcome to Musicandgoodshit.com, this site aims to provide you with the best in musical instruments, information and resources for all things musical.

Whether you are a professional musician or just starting out, we have you covered, you can find everything you need here in one place.

We have the best ranges of musical instruments for sale, from the top brands for you to browse and buy.

Electric Guitars

Our range of Electric Guitars come from brands such as Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, and Yamaha.

With styles to accommodate all including Left Handed, 12 String, 7 String and Hollowbody.

They range in prices to suit all budgets, so you can find always something that suits your needs.

Pianos & Keyboards

Check out our Pianos and Keyboards from Yamaha, CasioRoland and Korg including Grand Pianos, Acoustic Pianos and Electric Pianos.

All the brands featured provide that top quality experience to enhance your piano skills.

Acoustic Guitars

If its Acoustic Guitars you are looking for then we have the best ranges from Fender, Martin, Yamaha and Gibson.

All styles are top quality, so if you are looking for a Classical Guitar or an Electro Acoustic, we can help you out.

Our 12 String Acoustics and Left Handed Acoustics are both stylish and affordable.

Our range of Kids Acoustics and Beginner Acoustic Guitars are ideal for starter guitarists to get going on the learning journey.

Bass Guitars

For the players of Bass Guitars we have the best brands including Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez, Vintage and Gibson.

And just like our other guitar ranges they include Left handed Bass, Acoustic Bass, 5 String Bass, Fretless Bass, Hollowbody and Kids Bass Guitars.

Guitar Equipment

And of course if you are going to play these guitars your are going to need the best guitar equipment including Amps and Guitar Pedals to get that perfect sound.

Drums & Percussion

Our Drums and Percussion section lets you capture the rhythm that pulls it all together. Including Drum Kits, Electronic Drums, Acoustic Drum Kits and Kids Drum Kits.

We also have the additional rhythm section items you need to keep that perfect beat.

Take a look at our Cymbals, Snare Drums, Percussion Instruments and Drum Accessories to make sure the beat is tight on all occasions.

Studio Equipment

And if you want to record the music you are making and get it out live then musicandgoodshit.com has you covered.

Check out the Microphones, Mixers, Studio Monitors, Headphones and Music Software, as well as the PA systems available here for you today in the Studio Equipment section.

Take some time to browse through our pages to find the musical instruments you are looking for.

This is a site owned and run by musicians, and as such we try and make this a great resource for other musicians to visit, and gain the best deals from.

Not just on music instruments for sale, but also a good all round resource for music information.

If you haven’t already please feel free to visit our blog to find out more.

Thanks for visiting Musicandgoodshit.com.